Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks of all kinds. It works on a cellular level to replenish the present life force that promotes healing and maintains wellness. It balances the chakra system, the seven major energy centre’s in the body that govern our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.


Experienced Intuitive & Energy Healing Practitioner

Over an exhilarating span of thirty years, Pooja Chandra has developed a remarkable and unique offering of healing techniques. It first evolved from her own spiritual experiences since childhood where she transformed from a soulful and compassionate adolescent to a high level expressionist of advanced healing methods. Her highly visionary work accesses all areas of physiology and cellular science as well as spiritual and life path issues. Her approach is direct and precise, which enables the maximum amount of healing during a single session. She is a certified healer and offers healing sessions not only in person but also facilitates remote healing in any part of the globe as effectively.


Pooja, once a senior level corporate executive holding two decades of extensive broadcast media experience, is currently a full time energy healing practitioner and conducts her energy work with people who express a wide variety of mental, emotional or physical concerns.

Pooja is naturally gifted with an ability to sense the physiologic systems, and areas of distress. Through her clairvoyance she follows the body’s instructions to identify and correct the root cause of the problem. This energy healing process is aligned with the body’s wisdom and empowers the individual in their own journey of hope and self healing, making it an extremely pleasant recovering process.


A healing session can begin with an in-depth discussion of an injury or illness that is slow to resolve or is bound by the patient’s limited self healing capacity. Typically, other areas or systems are also considered in order to assess the health of various body functions. She can detect subtle degrees of disturbance that may have eluded standard testing and glance through the problem areas intuitively.

This results in clearing all the unnecessary blocks leading to slow recovery causing stress at different levels. Apart from health concerns, she readily navigates an individual through any emotional or mental distress, towards a healed current impacting the future. Such a remedy not only helps one maximise their own lost potential but is a breakthrough in their stagnant life. Therefore a session can also become a life altering process


One can expect a visible shift of blocks in any area of your life, feel supported in emotional and physical issues, regain control, feel focused, experience change in unhelpful and negative patterns, release trauma with ease, improved work situation, helps with addictions, understand and feel better about relationships and aids to deepen your spiritual connection. Usually one session heals invariably majority of problems discussed in the session, only if there is an impending requirement of another session, it’s communicated.


Energy Healing | 60 MINS

Unlimited Energy Healing for 30 days - 8-10 times

Home Space Energising
(At the venue)

Work/Office/Commercial Space Energising
(At the venue)

Pet Healing( 5 days Distance ONLY) | 30 MINS per day

Theta Healing| 60 MINS

Abundance Reiki| 30 MINS

Ancestral/DNA healing| 60 MINS

Chakra Balancing| 30 MINS

Aura Reading| 60 MINS

Automatic Writing| 30 MINS

Beliefs Clearing| 45 MINS

Healing of specific Chakras| 45 MINS

Chord cutting| 35 MINS

Energise your Crystals| 20 MINS

Energise your Medicines(Max.5)| 20 MINS

Intuitive/Psychic Reading| 60 MINS

Lama Fera (Buddhist Healing)| 40 MINS

Life Coach(General & Energy Consultancy)| 60 MINS

Pendulum dowsing(5 questions)| 45 MINS

Prosperity Activation| 40 MINS

Reiki Healing| 45 MINS

Unlimited Reiki Healing for 30 days- 8-10 times

Tarot Card Reading(3 rounds of interpretation)| 45 MINS

Telepathy (One Question)| 20 MINS

Group Chakra Healing Session| 90 MINS

Energy Cleaning/Activation of edible items(Max. 4)

*All the services besides Home Space Energising & Office Space Energising are available both Locally & remotely. Online Payment




The ready to use personally energised Wellness-in-a-Box contains 1 classic diffuser, 50 gm (approx.) camphor and 7 tealights. This introductory pack can be used for seven days or more and will help you take a step towards healing. It is an ideal gift for yourself or the people you love.



A clutch style paper bag, containing personally energised camphor and large size healed tealights. A retreat of energy to give you days full of calmness, help limit negative patterns and infuse energy balance. Citaaraa Wellness Envelope has 2 variants - PLATINUM & GOLD and these are ideal for those who wish to adapt to wellness as a habit.

PLATINUM: 30 large Tealights | 250 g Camphor

Self & Space Energising Kit

Self & Space Energising Kit- our all new offering from Citaaraa in the year 2020.

It’s a customised, carefully thought through collection of products. It’s meant for clearing your own aura or disturbed energy or that of the space you either live or work in.

Products such as Palo Santo, Sage and Arabian Sea salt are already globally established as energy enhancing, clearing and negativity absorbing products. Other contents like Camphor and tea lights intensify the vibrations of your living space while Epsom salt mixed with energised essential oil will take away all day’s negativity during shower or foot soak. Anxiety stone comes handy in stress situations and meditation practices, that will align your chakras and bring about complete balance.

Indulge in various forms of wellness mechanisms, coming together all in one box, making it an overwhelming experience.




Light the energised tealight and diffuse the healed camphor.


You can light it as per your convenience everyday.


Regulate your diffuser routine preferably in the place where you spend most of your time.


Stay consistent and burn the tealights & camphor everyday to heal yourself.


pet healing

Pets respond very favourably to energy healing. They are known to have displayed great results with a wide variety of symptoms. Pet healings can usually happen quicker than human beings as they do not have a lot of mental blockages and defense mechanisms that can block the flow of energy.

At Citaaraa, we extend our signature compassion, to work with your pet and you, together, for a powerful pet healing due to the magnificent energetic connect between both of you.

This distance healing therapy conducted for a span of 5 days will send your pet a life force energy and take care of their mental, physical and emotional well being. It’s a wellness routine for your beloved pets, packaged with the benefits mentioned below:

  • Eases pain
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Decreases healing time after surgery or illness
  • Removes emotional or psychological blocks that are impeding physical health
  • Reduces stress and promotes relaxation
  • Strengthens the bond between owner and the pet


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Disclaimer: Pooja Chandra, through her Intuitive healing, is not intending to replace conventional forms of medical care or other established therapies. A session with her can, however, complement any forms of medical treatment or holistic care that you are currently receiving. Pooja’s healing methods are not used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or psychological disorder and are not a substitute for medical care or psychological treatment. Any stories or testimonials contained herein, do not constitute a warranty, guarantee or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using Pooja Chandra’s, intuitive healing services or the techniques used by her.